Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes - Gaiman (4)

I’ve heard lots about Neil Gaiman, but have just never tried reading him before and I’ve been missing out! I’m not quite as in love with this as I was with Promethea, but I did enjoy this enough and have the next 2 volumes requested at the library.

What to say? Morpheus is the main character, but he’s been held prisoner for almost a century, and now that he is free he must find his power tools, so most of this volume is his attempt at successfully retrieving the sand, the mask and the ruby. Meanwhile, when he was prisoner some people fell asleep never to wake up. Once he was free things started going back to normal, almost. Then the creepy guy, Dr. Destiny, who had the ruby is using it’s power to keep people awake and things all over the world get really weird, people can’t sleep and all their dreams and nightmares are coming true. Morpheus and Dr. D battle, and then what is Morpheus to do with his life? He got some advice from his sister, Death, and some of the demons from Hell are not happy with him. Now I must continue to find out what happens to Morpheus next, I liked him and the idea of the dream world and it’s power over reality.

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Rhinoa said...

I love Promthea and it's so rare to find someone else who loves it too!

I am looking forward to reading this Sandman volume for this challenge as I never quite finished the series.