Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ex Machina:First Hundred Days (5)

This graphic novel by Brian Vaughan was interesting but lacking. The character can “talk” to all kinds of machines telling them what to do, a talent he gets after being involved in a mysterious accident, he becomes a superhero, The Great Machine, he’s not loved by everyone though, some, police especially consider him a nuisance. He gives up life as a superhero to go into politics, he thinks he can really help people this way, he becomes mayor of New York. He tries hard not to use his powers even though some odd murders and a controversial art exhibit is taking up his time. This was definitely a beginning story, how he gets his powers and what he did and what he became, but it seemed a bit simple and I’m not sure where it will go. It was interesting enough to try the next one at some point but I’m not running to look for it, I’ll stick with Promethea and Sandman.

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