Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nightmares and Fairy Tales v3: 1140 Rue Royale - Serena Valentino

The third in the series by Serena Valentino. It is set out in a slighlty different format to the first two. This collection follows one storyline throughout with doll Annabelle very much in the background (she appears to those who have read the first two and recognise her). Rebecca and her aging aunt Victoria move into a house reputed to be hauntet in New Orleans.

Former owner Delphine Lalaurie was found to have killed her slaves in the house after torturing them and suffering them. One woman was chained to the stove and at least two men were operated on alive and well in horrendous ways. In the house Rebecca is beset by the spirits of the dead who are able to possess her in order to get their revenge. The story also links back to one from the first collection about a group of nuns in New Orleans who sacrifice Dominique's illegitimate son to amonster locked away in the attic.

A terrifying and gothic tale that Valentino begins saying "there is a truth embedded within the layers of fiction that fill this volume" and it is "inspired by historical events". How people can treat each other like this is disgraceful. However, it is beautifully drawn and a gripping tale that really leaves an impression on the reader. This is a great series and highly recommended.

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