Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Re-Gifters reviewed by Corinne

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This graphic novel was a quick read. Jen is Korean-American living in South Central L.A. There's two basic story lines - Jen is preparing to be in a national martial arts competition and Jen is in love with a popular boy at school. The story lines are intertwined because said boy is also in the competition and Jen has a seriously hard time finding her "ki" (universal energy, or spirit) because of her infatuation with him.
I didn't like the art as much in this one as I have in other graphic novels - it felt a bit sloppy and slapdash, or maybe it's just not my style. I liked how the idea of re-gifting played into the plot (I won't spoil it) and I did like learning about Korean culture. The ending felt like your typical romantic comedy tie-up-with-a-bow, but it was satisfying none the less. Although it wasn't one of the best I've read, I didn't feel like it was a waste of time either.

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Rebecca Reid said...

It sounds refreshing.