Saturday, June 7, 2008

Asterix in Spain (gautami)

Title: Asterix in Spain
Author: Goscinny and Uderzo
ISBN: 0340183268
Publisher: Hodder Dargaud/1971
Pages: 48
Genre: Comic books/Graphic Novels

This is another re-read after 20 years! I am now going through my collection of Asterix, randomly.

Romans capture Pepe, the son of the Hispania chief. He is quite a handful. While taking to hide him someplace, they lose him and he is found by Asterix and Obelix. They take him to their village where Pepe is to live with Obelix as his sacred guest. Now Pepe is a holy terror and Obelix can't stand him. However, he has to look after the boy. Meanwhile, there is a fight with the fishmonger, Unhygienix because of Pepe.

Aserix has a brainwave and sends Pepe to the bard, Cacofonix's place. Pepe abnd the bard hit it off and Cacofonix sings for him all night. The Gauls can't take it any more and decide to deliver the boy to his father. Asterix and Obelix venture out in Unhygienix's boat. As usual they meet the Pirate's ship and rob them of all the food. Obelix, that is!

On their way, they meet caravans, all going to the druids' procession. One of the Romans sees Pepe and want him back. To cut a long story short, Pepe is delivered to his father after much trouble. And our heroes return to Gaulish Village for more merry making, fights and squables.

The books are worth reading, re-reading because of the pun, wit and great graphics. I am on a binge!

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