Monday, May 19, 2008

Jimmy Corrigan review by Athena

This is the story of a lonely, awkward man who meets his father for the first time over Thanksgiving weekend. There are also a series of flashbacks to the childhood of Jimmy's grandfather who also had an alienated relationship with his father. While the artwork and the symbolism is well crafted, I am unsure if I actually like this work. I appreciate it, and the last panels of the ending were hopeful, but for much of the novel, I did not feel invested in Jimmy or the story. I can understand why this is such an acclaimed and influential work. It's a sad story that is told well through the well crafted imagery.

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roxanestoner said...

Among my favorite graphic Artist Chris Ware has a way of looking at life and illustrating it that is moving and interesting. I like the way the pages are constructed and the very minimalist approach of telling deep stories with images more than words. Not uplifting at all but so close to some people's lives are nowadays. Have you come across David B. (Epilectic). His imagination is endless. His drawing amazing. Thanks