Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Sandman v2: The Doll's House - Neil Gaiman

Collecting comics 9-16 in The Sandman series. Dream continues to look for what is missing from his realm after recovering his artifacts in the first collection. This time what is missing is four of the major arcana. Brute and Glob he searches for first and finds hiding in the mind and dreams of a child. They have captured a ghost who they have set up as "The Sandman", a superhero who keeps the abused and mistreated child company along with his pregnant wife. The Corinthian is a nightmare with teeth for eyes who is found at a "Cereal" convention. He has inspired many serial killers throughout the world and is there as a guest of honour before Dream captures him. The fourth is Fiddlers Green who is a place and not a person in the land of Dream. He is trying out life in the human world, taking on human form for a time.

Desire of the Endless has a hand in things, trying to manipulate Dream using human girl Rose Walker to further his/her/it's own ends with the help of Despair. Rose has no idea what she and her family are caught up in as the truth is slowly revealed tying in nicely with the first collection. She is a vortex in the dream world and is somehow pulling the major arcana towards her helping Dream and his raven sidekick Matthew track them down by following her.

Gripping and deeply disturbing, it introduces some more of Dreams family and explains more of their role in our realm. They are not supposed to manipulate humans, it is the other way around but some seem to forget this. It will be itneresting to see what Dream does now that his realm seems to finally be in order.

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