Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fables: Wolves (vol. 8)

There's nothing quite like knocking off a whole book in an evening when still recovering from a reading slump. I just can't deal with big novels exclusively right now, so finishing up (my) available Fables graphic novels has been just the ticket. I still have a B&N gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I suspect I might have to order Sons of Empire (vol. 9) before the day is up.

In Wolves, Mowgli of Jungle Book fame goes looking for the exiled Bigby Wolf. Upon finding him, Bigby must complete a covert mission for the Fabletown higher-ups before returning to his beloved Snow White and their cubs.

This is a long-awaited issue, as those who are currently into the series up to the Storybook Love volume will already know. I'll be cryptic and closed-mouthed, but this volume certainly lived up to expectations with lots of "ooh ahh" moments and just the right amount of mush.

I've already wooed over this series this week, so I'll save you from my usual gushing, but I really do recommend any and all comics fans, fairy tale fans, or adventurous readers unused to either genre to give this series a go. It's so very smart and funny and clever and wondermous.

Ok, so I gushed a little. It really couldn't be helped.

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