Friday, February 29, 2008

Victorian Murders

Rick Geary created a series of books in which he explores murders and crimes that took place during the last half of the 19th century. Two of those books are The Borden Tragedy, which is a look at the famous Lizzie Borden case, and The Case Of Madeleine Smith, about a woman in Scotland who may or may not have poisoned her lover in 1857. Both books are rich in detail, and Geary provides a bibliography for those who want to learn more about these cases. The Borden book stands out because of its marvelously meticulous detailing of the layout of the Borden house where Lizzie's father and stepmother were murdered in the summer of 1892. Others in this series include The Murder Of Abraham Lincoln and The Beast Of Chicago, which is about the serial killer who terrorized Chicago during the World's Fair in 1893. Dark but entertaining reading.

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