Sunday, January 27, 2008

Promethea - Alan Moore (3)

I can say I absolutely loved Promethea by Alan Moore. Promethea is a cool heroine. She’s also of the imagination so she can’t be killed! (at least that’s the scuttlebutt so far) Promethea was originally from 411 A.D Egypt, her father a Hermetic Scholar who is killed by Christians, she escapes and is taken by the gods into the Immateria. Over the years, different women with enough imagination and enthusiasm for her have written about her in newspaper comics or pulp novels, and bring her forth from the Immateria, and the two merge to create superheroine. It’s happening again in 1999 with a college student Sophie who was writing a paper on Promethea. Again there are evil forces after her to kill her, because those with power in the physical world, and little imagination fear that Promethea will destroy the world and their power. But ideas and imagination are not easy to kill. But Sophie is new to this and has much to learn about the Immateria and her history (her different incarnations) and she has to learn it and stay alive. I am absolutely in love with Promethea.


Bybee said...

She sounds cool!

J at said...

Thanks for the great review...I might need to get this one next!

Nymeth said...

This sounds like such a great series. I need to pick it up.