Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Killed Adolf Hitler, by J

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I Killed Adolf Hitler, by Jason, is my first book for the Graphic Novels Challenge (links to my list on my blog). I've never tried graphic novels before, and haven't been a huge fan of comic books since my days of Betty and Veronica, with the exception of the Buffy, Season 8 comics, which is more about needing more Buffy, less about the genre. So here I find myself treading into a new medium, where an entire book can be read during lunch, and more is said in pictures than in words. The example I chose for a graphic, I suppose, isn't a good one to show this, since most of the frames contain words, but there are pages in the book that don't contain any. Pages where the deadpan expressions of the characters say more than pages of words could say.

In I Killed Adolf Hitler we find a world where hiring someone to kill your neighbor because they play their music too loud is perfectly legal. Where there doesn't seem to be much joy. The protagonist is sent back in time by a scientist to, you guessed it, kill Adolf Hitler before he comes to power, thus preventing the rise of World War II, and making the world a better place. He goes back, shoots Adolf, but then things go awry. I won't ruin it for you by telling you more, but I'll tease you by saying that there's a kinda sweet little love story in there about the protagonist and his girlfriend, and what they find out about themselves and each other in the process of trying to correct history.

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Rhinoa said...

That sounds really fun, I like the artwork. I am glad you enjoyed your first graphic novel, it's great to find a new genre you hadn't really discovered before.