Thursday, January 3, 2008

Emo Boy - Steve Emond (1)

The word "emo" has been associated with being emotional, sensitive, introverted, depressed, angsty or suicidal.

And Emo Boy is extremely emo. Typical emo boy going through several high school experiences - being picked on because he doesn’t fit in, the big dance, is he gay or not, not being athletic, etc. His “power” is exploding emo (no other way to explain it)

Basically, it wasn’t very interesting, there were some great poems and thoughts about being emo, being self-absorbed, being a geek, not fitting in, not “getting it”. Typical teenager behavior and perhaps other emo kids enjoy it, but it was more than enough emo for me. I'm not big on the whole emo thing, so perhaps for others it won't be too much.

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