Saturday, December 8, 2007

Graphic Novels Challenge

To participate in the Graphic Novels Challenge, simply choose at least 6 graphic novels to read from January 2008 to December 2008.

You may overlap with other challenges. You may also change your list of titles at any point if something comes up that you want to switch around.

Here is a list of award-winning graphic novels.
Of course, you may also choose graphic novels that have not won awards.

Thanks to Athena, here is another list of graphic novels.

Here is the graphic novels category in my blog, so that you can see what I've recently read that might sound interesting to you. Some of the books in that category have been called "graphic memoirs" or "graphic short stories" and yes, these also count towards the challenge. If you would like to read a comics series, that counts, too. Each collection counts as one book.

If you would like to be able to post your reviews of your challenge books in this blog, just take the following steps:

1. Leave your email address in the comments, in this format: dewpie at gmail dot com. You will be invited to be a member of this blog. If you want your email deleted from the comments even though it's in that spam-avoiding format, just let us know; either Athena or Dewey will delete it.

2. When you post, make the title of your posts the name of the book and your name. Example: "Fun Home review by Dewey."

3. Give the post labels: your name, the name of the book, the name of the author and whatever else you think is suitable.

4. Please link to your blog in your post. I know that a lot of people who post in shared challenge blogs are shy about doing this because they feel like they're being link whores or something, but for me at least, if I really enjoy your review or writing style, I want an easy way to get to your regular blog.

5. If you'd like, you could post your list of challenge picks here. Just label the post with your name.


alisonwonderland said...

alisonwonderlandUT AT gmail DOT com

i haven't finished creating my list yet, but i'd like to "play" - as this is a genre i have not read in the past. thanks, dewey and athena!

Bybee said...

I finally sucumbed. I posted my list at my blog.
suz19612003 AT yahoo DOT com

Emily Barton said...

I would like to participate and will create my list soon. Please add me emilymb95 AT gmail DOT com.

Literary Feline said...

I'd like to join the blog as well. I wasn't sure at first, considering I'm not always good at remembering to crosspost, but I'll do my best.

literaryfeline AT gmail DOT com

I posted my list a couple of weeks ago. :-)

sally906 said...

1. Ireland: A Graphic History by Morgan Llywelyn & Micahel Scott
2. The three Incestuous Sisters by Audrey Niffenegger
3. Bone: Out of Boneville by Jeff Smith
4. Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham
5. Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile adapted by Francois Riviere
6. Asterix the Gaul by Rene Goscinny

These are my books - I will put my reviews up on my book blog as I do them. I finished Asterix today - but haven't finished the review yet. I have linked to this blog on my challenge post.

Nymeth said...

I'd like to join the blog. My e-mail is untuneric at gmail dot com

GeraniumCat said...

I would love to take part and will post my list on my blog tomorrow. My email is geraniumcat AT gmail DOT com

Dark Orpheus said...

Eh? I thought I signed up for this blog. Now it seems I haven't. Oops. Could have swore...

Could I sign up for this blog? My email is pagan_25 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Shree said...

I'd like to sign up for the blog
my email is sheval at hotmail dot com

Andi said...

I'd like to join the blog! I'm andi (dot) miller (at) gmail (dot) com.

Rhinoa said...

Please add me to the blogroll for this one: kgwilt AT hotmail DOT com.

My list is on my blog and I read another grphic novel today not on my list but I can add the review up here too anyway if you like.

J at said...

I would like to participate! And it might be fun to cross post here, so here's my email address:
j_asregadoo at yahoo

Please remove my address when you're finished. :)

I'm posting my list tomorrow, here:

gautami tripathy said...

I would lke to participate.

I choose Tintin and Asterix.My list:

1. Asterix and the Great Crossin
2. Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods
3.Asterix in Spain
4. The adventures of Tintin: The Black Island
5. Tintin and the Lake of Sharks
6. .....

I will do a blog post too.

gautami dot tripathy at gmail com com

reading room

Ashley Ladd said...

chinara at aol dot com

I'd like to join and will post my list on my blog tomorrow. I used to review books for some romance reading sites, so this will be a pleasure to do so again and to get to know all of you. I'll also be checking out all the other reviews to find new awesome books to read.


Renay said...

I totally want to be added! Awesome!

bottle.of.shine AT gmail DOT com

Why am I always late...

Corinne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Corinne said...

Great! I'm in. Here's my list:

sheelysmom at gmail dot com


Kim L said...

Is it too late to join? If not please add me

Kim L

boldblueadventure AT gmail DOT com

Joy said...

Oh my goodness! I added my name to your blog (months ago) and have been participating, but never knew there was a Graphic Novel Challenge Blog until just now. (I randomly found it through another blog.) Can I please be added? joysbloggerinfo at aol dot com

illustrationISM said...

I Posted AMBROGIO BECCARRIA for you as well! The graphic
novel is called Ambrogio Beccarria. An historical
fiction story set in Italy during the Renaissance.
CLICK HERE to review!

Thanx - Mark @ illustrationISM

William said...

Well, since I've already started the challenge, I figure I may as well join officially.
My updated list is here.

And my email is wolf DOT schwartz AT gmail DOT com

Thanks Dewey!

katrina said...

Hi, I saw your new review and some info about trying to get others to join this challenge so I thought I'd jump on board. I have never read a graphic novel so I have no idea if I will like them or not. I've posted my 3 I plan to read (for now) and ordered them from the library at my site
my email is katrinathomas_uk AT yahoo DOT co Dot uk

Rebecca Reid said...

I'll try, but I'm not choosing yet.
rebecca at rebeccareid dot com

Lightheaded said...

Oops, I think I forgot to actually sign up on this page (although I signed up originally on Dewey's blog way, way back).

I still haven't read any from my list, something I need to remedy soon! Gee, it's now June and I only have less than six months to finish my chosen comics!

Email: lightheaded at gmail dot com.

Becky said...

Dewey, I'd like to sign up. I've read a good many graphic novels in the past month, and I've got a few more in my tbr pile.


erin sheely said...

i know it's halfway through the year but i want to hop on board! my email is

erintolman AT yahoo DOT com

i posted my list at

katrina said...

Are we getting added to the blog?

Narineh said...

rantsandreads AT gmail DOT com

I hope its not too late to join this challenge! It sounds like fun. I will also post reviews on my personal blog at

Anonymous said...

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Bobbi said...

I know I'm probably very late for this challenge, but I've already read 7 graphic novels this year. I would love to be able to submit my reviews. Thanks!
brightmyer249 at hotmail dot com

Darren said...

Joining in late, but better late that never, eh? :)

darrenjowens {at} gmail {dot} com

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